Anheuser-Busch beers must pass through multiple checkpoints before they can be enjoyed by consumers. After being brewed, bottled and packaged, beers are shipped to wholesalers who then have the mission of selling them to various POCs or points of contact - think your favorite bar, restaurant, grocery or liquor store. The process to get beers from the brewery into consumers hands has improved tremendously over the years but inefficiencies still remain. Help us bring innovation to POCs and deliver your favorite beers to you as quickly as possible.

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$15,000 in prizes

First Place - US$10,000

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Third Place - US$1,500

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  • Judging Criteria
    Technical execution of the solution (0-20 points) - Use of provided data set and/or hardware as part of solution (0-20 points) - Desirability, Feasibility, Viability (0-20 points) - Innovation and uniqueness of solution (0-20 points)

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